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Animasu apk is an Android-based application that provides online anime content streaming services. Since this application is based on Android, those of you who use a desktop to watch anime, unfortunately, need to install an additional browser on your browser such as a VPN. Considering that the Animasu web itself is illegal and will certainly be blocked if accessing it without a VPN.

However, the Animasu application is available for free with several other advantages, namely that you can comfortably watch your favorite anime without annoying ad breaks. Plus you can also access it more practically anywhere because the access is stable without having to bother typing in the browser. Not to mention if the web address changes domain, you have to look for it again and it’s a waste of time.

Animasu APK Features

  1. Good-quality video resolution
    Watching favorite shows such as anime feels less satisfying if it has a blurry resolution because it can spoil the feel and feel of every scene in it. Therefore Animasu provides a variety of video quality that you can choose more flexibly and easily adapt to your internet quota.
  2. Subtitles that fit and match the context of the show
    Not infrequently an anime has language translations that sometimes feel ambiguous and awkward so the impression that the audience gets is not very good. This is also what Animasu has begun to fix by providing language translations that are adapted to the genre and type of scene in their anime content.
  3. Unlimited anime wishlist and marking
    There are times when we want to mark every anime show we want to watch in the future, Animasu implements a feature like this for its users. So you can mark the anime that you plan to watch next time.
  4. Filter system with many types and genres
    Every anime audience has their own tastes and of course, each individual has specific specifications for each character from the genre they want to watch. Luckily if you use Animasu to fill your watchlist. because apart from a genre, Animasu also provides sub-genres such as the type of player character so that you get satisfactory results when browsing and looking for anime that is suitable for you to watch.
  5. Rocket button to scroll up
    For those of you who even make scrolling back to the home page, Animasu also provides an instant rocket-shaped scroll service feature located on the right side of the screen. So that when you press it, the page you opened earlier will return to the top quickly.
  6. Free of annoying ads and Pop-ups
    Pop-ups are the most annoying pest in streaming services, especially if they are peppered with obscure ads that interfere with certain moments in the shows we like. Because of this problem, you are recommended to use the Animasu application instead of accessing it via the web because it has annoying pop-up ads unless you have a reliable ad blocker. In addition, access through the Animasu application is felt to be more instant and convenient without any obscure ad invasion.
  7. The dark mode that is comfortable on the eyes
    80% of internet users choose a dark mode or dark mode because it is comfortable on the eyes even if you use it in a room with minimal lighting. This is also what triggers Animasu in developing their application in a mode that is preferred by internet users.
  8. Small app size
    An application if it has a small size tends to be enjoyed by users because basically, it has discounted the availability of storage space on their cellphones. Animasu as a free anime streaming provider application has a capacity of 1.6mb which is relatively very small and fit to install even though your phone is dying in terms of storage space.
  9. Light and easy to access
    So far Animasu has a smooth and convenient application performance to be accessed at any time even if your internet is not in prime condition. This kind of factor is what makes Animasu the best alternative if you want to watch anime without the hassle of opening the website and waiting for the loading screen to access the website.


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