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Mobile Legends Moba Mugen Apk

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Mobile Legends Moba Mugen apk is a MOBA game that has changed its appearance to be like 2D. This game will feature many ML heroes that we already know, but the gameplay provided is lighter, and of course, it will be different from the Moonton game.

Moba Mugen is a Naruto Senki game that also went viral some time ago. Those of you who like this anime must have heard of this RPG game. After that, the Naruto Senki mod appears, which provides a variety of exciting features.

Now, there is another new mod called Mobile Legends Real Hero. Of course, UI will have a style like Mobile Legends starting from the character, appearance, and theme. Until now, there have been many versions available, and we will share the latest version.

Mobile Legends Moba Mugen Apk Features:

  • New Character Mod (according to the Mobile Legends theme)
  • characters increase according to mobile legends
  • New record
  • New Select Menu
  • New Menu
  • New Tower
  • New Map
  • Fanny Skill 2 Without Cooldown
  • Alucard OP
  • Pharsa OP
  • Nerf Hero: Alucard, Badang, Natalia, Hanabi, Karrie
  • Buff/Revamp Hero: Karina
  • Tower Hp from 110000 to 85000
  • Nerf Heroes and Fans
  • Chou’s New Skin: Iori Yagami
  • All Heroes Have Passive
  • Rework Skill 3 Alucard, Saber, Sun
  • nerf heroes and buffs
  • Fanny’s 1st skill is changed and the colddown is 8 seconds from 3 seconds
  • hero has all ultimate skills
  • If the front tower is destroyed, a buff monster will appear that will
  • help tower push
  • fix which one franco’s skill will make it easier to get enemies
  • fix a bug where when leomord uses a horse and
  • affected by leomord attack get long immune effect
  • now towers are easier to destroy
  • nerf heroes and buffs
  • The tower has damage / fires missiles
  • fix a bug where skill 1 franco will easily get enemies
  • fixed a bug where when leomord used his horse + old immunity
  • now towers are easier to destroy
  • nerf heroes and buffs
  • fix some hero bugs
  • still lag during war (but long time no lag)
  • the skills of some heroes are fixed
  • add lightning in skill 2 gatot Kaca
  • skill 3 lolita
  • add effects in skill 3 hanabi
  • skill 3 cyclops
  • new skin: zodiac body
  • new skin: gord legend



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Mobile Legends Moba Mugen Apk

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