Order & Chaos Duels

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Order and Chaos Duels is a card exchange game that provides more than 300 cards, impressive illustrations, and very exciting gameplay.

This game is set in an epic fantasy world created by Gameloft for Order and Chaos Online, a world where four races (orcs, fairies, humans and undead) live together with fantastic creatures and can launch spells that destroy entire armies.

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Download Order & Chaos Duels

Duel in Order and Chaos Duels has a gameplay that is similar to other games, such as Magic: The Gathering or HeathStone. By playing in turn, you can summon a creature from your hand and place it on the board to resist the attack.

As usual, if there is no creature in front, the creature that you are calling does not need to fight it, but directly inflict damage to the opponent. And as always, this is the best way to win a duel.

When not fighting enemies on the main mission of the Order and Chaos Duels, you can explore the map, replace the deck of cards, buy new cards, and more.

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