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Protake Apk is an application that lets users record cinema-quality videos directly from their mobile devices. This application has features similar to those of professional cinema cameras and allows users to control various aspects of the recording such as exposure, focus, and brightness levels.

The application is equipped with various manual settings that allow users to optimize shooting according to their needs. Users can set the lighting mode, aspect ratio, frame rate, and video resolution. This provides greater flexibility and control than the built-in camera on mobile devices.

It also offers various filters and effects that can be used to improve the visual quality of the video. Users can add an artistic touch to their videos by using filters like sepia, black and white, or other effects. This leads to a more attractive and professional result.

Protake Apk also offers advanced features such as image stabilization, audio settings, and microphone settings. Image stabilization helps reduce camera shake during video recording, resulting in smoother, more stable images. Audio settings allow the user to adjust the audio level and the desired audio source. Microphone settings allow the user to use an external microphone to improve the sound quality of their videos.

Apart from that, Protake Apk also provides a video editing feature that allows users to edit their videos directly in the application. Users can cut, merge and add visual or sound effects to their videos. It provides a complete experience and enables users to produce high-quality videos directly from their mobile devices.

It can be concluded that this apk is a powerful and complete application for capturing cinematic videos directly from mobile devices. With advanced features and full manual settings, users can produce high-quality videos with a unique artistic touch.

Protake Features

  • Full camera control: The app gives full control over camera settings like shutter speed, ISO, focus, and more. Users can easily set up and control the camera according to their needs.
  • RAW format storage: ProTake Mobile Cinema Camera can save video in RAW format, which provides great flexibility in video editing and processing.
  • Profile log feature: This app also provides a profile log feature, which allows users to record videos with a wider dynamic range. This is useful for editing and better color grading in the post-production stage.
  • Manual focus setting: This application allows the user to adjust the focus manually, with the help of the focus peaking feature which helps to identify areas of sharp focus.
  • Color temperature limitation: Users can adjust the video color temperature easily, which is useful for creating the desired visual effect.
  • High-quality video recording: This app supports high-resolution video recording, including 4K and even 8K, which results in sharp and clear video results.
  • Full manual mode: Users can control all aspects of shooting in manual mode, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focus.
  • Audio controls: The app also provides complete audio controls, including sound level adjustment and real-time audio monitoring.
  • Image stabilization feature: ProTake Mobile Cinema Camera supports an image stabilization feature, which reduces shake and shakes when shooting handheld video.
  • Compatibility with camera accessories: The app is compatible with various camera accessories such as gimbals, sliders, and tripods, which allows users to improve the stability and quality of the video.


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