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Static Shift Racing MOD APK

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Static Shift Racing is a top-down racing game offered by Timbo Jimbo. This game features advanced vehicles with amazing maneuverability. Better yet, you can customize them to improve their performance.

The game offers vehicles from different categories, including trucks and sports cars. This variety will let you try out different strategies to win races. With each victory, you’ll be able to collect new vehicles and keep them in your garage.

Static Shift Racing MOD APK

Racing games are popular among gamers for their fast pace and non-stop competition. The Static Shift Racing APK is an interesting twist on the genre, as it offers a more realistic approach with its advanced vehicles and dynamic tracks. This adds a layer of depth to the game that will keep you hooked for hours.

You will always feel like you are in control of your vehicle. The almost real city environment and awesome asphalt tracks will make you feel the high speed.

Better yet, the game offers different driving mechanics, ranging from drifting to cruising. Thus, you can choose the gameplay that suits your mood and preferences. Make sure you have optimal fun while doing so.

Static Shift Racing MOD APK Features

  • Open World Racing. This game offers a massive open world, complete with realistic and diverse terrain. You can explore the city and its surroundings to find shortcuts that will give you an edge on the track. However, make sure you are careful not to collide with other drivers or obstacles.
  • Play Against Real Players. This game has a multiplayer feature that allows you to compete against other players globally. This allows you to show off your talent and prove your skills. However, you must be prepared for tough competition as other players will be gunning for victory. Innovative
  • Customization Options. You can replace bumpers, full body kits, rims, side skirts, spoilers, hoods, and more to give your vehicle a unique look. In addition, you can change the performance of your car with engine upgrades and other parts.
  • Beautiful 3D Graphics & Authentic Environments. The game features several districts in the city, complete with diverse landmarks. You can race in industrial areas, drift on wooded mountain trails, and take tight turns in the city. Whatever you choose, you’ll love the detailed graphics and realistic environments.
  • Lots of Legendary Cars. The game offers several classic and legendary cars, each with its own performance-enhancing parts. You can enjoy 80s & 90s muscle cars, modern hatchbacks, and other supercars with top performance. You can also unlock new models as you proceed through the game.
  • Controller Support. This game supports external controllers, allowing for more accurate steering. This way, you can perform quick turns and tight maneuvers on the track. Better yet, the touchscreen controls are very responsive, ensuring you don’t miss a single lap.


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Static Shift Racing MOD APK

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