Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue

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Download Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue For Android

Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue is a casual strategy game where players back up animals in the middle of a meadow.

Your role in this game is to protect all animals, creating a safe diverse ecosystem so that they can all live together. At first you will only be able to fill the reserve with the most common animals, such as zebras, lions, and elephants.

But after the game, you can add some mythical creatures like unicorns and phoenixes. There are some amazing animals in this game that will give your reserve a very unique look.

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Download Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue for Android

The mission at Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue is managing animal reserves, plus other tasks that must be completed. For example, you can bring a jeep to go hunting.

And if you see an injured animal, you can bring it back to the reserve and help care for it until it heals.

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