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“Kuma The Bear” presents its first action game, “Battle Robots”. Take control of your robot to destroy enemies, and become champions! Apart from not requiring initial registration, this game also has simple controls that make it easy to play. Come join us!” Battle Robots” and feel the excitement, FREE!

You will control a cute and deadly robot to conquer 120 stages. This game is played horizontally and features an interface made especially for 3D fighting games. By defeating your enemies, you can get new parts to make your robot more powerful. Powerful!

Swipe the screen to attack, defend, and also to launch special attacks. You need 1 coin to be able to play in each stage. If the remaining coins are less than 5 coins, the coins will be refilled automatically every 30 minutes. This game consists of 120 Stages. In each stage, you are required to face 3 battles. Win each battle to be able to play on the stage next time!

After a few battles, you will face a very powerful BOSS!

Upgrade your robot with new parts to beat it! Keep in mind that you will not get new parts if you lose the battle. But don’t worry, even if you lose you can use 1 coin to repeat the fight. Your robot consists of 5 parts: Head, Main Body, Arms, Legs, and Weapons. Each part affects the design, skill, attack, and defense of your robot.

Weapons in this game have 6 variations. Are you the type who likes 1 strong attack, or the type who likes a barrage of attacks? Use different weapons and try a variety of skills. Collect all 429 available robot parts and upgrade your robot! Conquer 120 stages and create the strongest robot!

  • The first fighting game from “Kuma The Bear”- The first game “Kuma The Bear” is played horizontally and equipped with a smartphone-specific interface.
  • Easy game control.
  • High-quality Graphics in every attack, defense, and special attack.
  • “High Light Attack”: Tap on the top of the enemy. Consists of several small attacks with light damage.
  • “Low Light Attack”: Tap on the bottom of the enemy. Consists of several small attacks with light damage.
  • “High Heavy Attack”: Swipe at the top of the enemy. Attack with heavy damage.
  • “Low Heavy Attack”: Swipe at the bottom of the enemy. Attack with heavy damage.
  • “Blocking”: Tap the “defense” button. If your Guard Meter (located at the top of the screen) is still left, you can block enemy attacks.
  • “Back Step”: Tap the “Back Step” button. Your character will keep a distance to avoid enemy attacks.
  • “Special Attack”: When the special meter (located at the top left of the screen) is fully charged, you can tap the meter to launch a special attack with a unique animation.
  • HP: Character Health. You will lose when this meter goes to 0.
  • ATK: Character Attack. The number of attacks you inflict on the enemy.
  • DEF: Character Defense. The amount of damage you take.
  • BAR: This bar affects how big the character’s “Guard Meter” is.-
  • “Sword”: an ordinary weapon that makes the special meter increase faster.
  • “Big Sword”: This type of weapon is slow but deals more damage. very large.
  • “Hammer”: The effect of this weapon is similar to “Big Swords”. This weapon can reduce the enemy’s “guard meter” quickly.
  • “Clubs”: The effect of this weapon is similar to “Swords” and can attack the enemy many times.
  • “Gloves”: This weapon is the fastest among other weapons but has high damage. low. Use this weapon to launch a barrage of attacks.
  • “Two-Handed”: weapons that have damage effects such as “Swords” and speed from “Gloves”


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Battle Robot MOD APK

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