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Geektyper is a website made by the developers of FediaFedia & Lexuzieel that has a display that is widely used by a hacker in general.

Maybe you are already familiar with the appearance of a hacker’s PC or computer showing off the Hacking process with Anonymous’s blue writing.

In the process, he (Hacker) shows writings in the form of a code combination of numbers and moving letters which is a sign that the injection or hacking process is being carried out.

GeekTyper Features

  1. Choose Theme
    You can freely choose the theme or main appearance of the Hacking simulation page in the settings menu in Geektyper such as Umbrella Corp Project, Matrix, SCP, NASA, Fallout & Shield Version.
  2. Track WiFi
    On the Geektyper main keyboard page we can press the automatic “TR or Trace” button, that is, the website will automatically detect a WiFi network and break into a city remotely.
  3. Deny Access
    In movies about the cyber world, of course, you see when hacking occurs, if you can’t, the system will automatically reject it, you can use the BR button to display the words “Access Denied”. This means that in this context, you do not have access to the Free fire account that we want to retrieve.
  4. Auto Write Script
    You can also run Native Geektyper to operate on its own without us typing the script ourselves. By pressing the “Auto” button, the site will type a script and stop if you press the Stop button.

How to Use GeekTyper

You can just see the full method below for how to use it.

  1. The first step, please, you can just access using the browser on your respective smartphone.
  2. After that please you can just choose the theme that you like.
  3. Then later you will find a keyboard that contains a command or hacker.
  4. Then please just press the keyboard.
  5. Then a code will appear automatically.
  6. After that, it will display the process so that later we look like a very reliable hacker.
  7. Done.


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