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Latto Latto APK game is a game that is currently viral in Indonesia. Where the game is included in children’s games such as two plastic balls or pendulums tied to a string and then given a ring on it. When you play the ball, the two balls will collide with each other and produce a very satisfying “clack” sound.

Actually, this game has been around since the 90s, taken from the Bugis Makassar word meaning the sound of impact. You should also know that this game did not originate from Indonesia. This is an overseas game called Clackers Ball which was popular in the 60s. The way to play itself is very easy, even though it’s the first time you can definitely play it.

Once popular, in 1985 the police in Egypt and various other countries banned the game of latto latto. Because the game is considered dangerous, the fear is that when the impact of the broken ball will hit the face and eyes. Many mothers also forbid their children to play the game, for fear of endangering the child.

Download Latto Latto APK

Latto Latto is a classic game that is currently played by many children and adults. The game is currently being discussed by netizens on every social media. This game is very easy for you to find and can be purchased at the nearest toy store.

After the game went viral, you can now find latto-like games in the official store on Google Playstore. You can easily download the app for free and start playing the game after successfully downloading and installing it.



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Latto Latto APK

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