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Omlet Arcade is a platform used to increase your gaming experience. Also, you can be streaming directly your gaming moment with your friends. The app supports all games such as PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite.

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Download Omlet Arcade

You can show your game with live streaming to Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch. Build your profile and collect the follower. You can meet other gamers, playing together and become a star.

Main features of Omlet Arcade

If you download and install this app you will be able to enjoy these options, at your won responsibility and not without risks:

  • High resolution, Multi-stream to Omlet, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook simultaneously.
  • Personal RTMP link so you can stream it to other platforms.
  • Live frames and exclusive profiles.
  • Thumbnail of your Live channel.
  • And many more!
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