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Random Space Survival MOD APK

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Random Space Survival MOD APK is a space game simulator that goes viral on the Internet. You’ve been shipwrecked in an unknown system by a spaceship failure. All you have is a makeshift accommodation module and a pile of junk.

But luckily you are an engineer and have a deft touch. Upgrade your dwelling, build helper robots, gather enough resources, and build a spaceship. To get home, you’ll need to visit all the planets to determine your current location. You also need to breathe, sleep and eat – remember! Construct your spaceship, save every drop of fuel, every tomato shoot, and every gulp of air.

Download Random Space Survival MOD APK

No one knows how long you’ll have to stay here. Track the movement of the planets to fly at the right moment when they get closer. Build and rebuild, upgrade, get and think of your own needs. It will be a unique experience for each player – the star system is generated in unpredictable ways, from the visual parameters to the physical peculiarities of the planets.

The methods of survival on each planet are different – the resources needed, the amount of light energy, the availability of the atmosphere, gravity, and the surface.



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Random Space Survival MOD APK

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