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Super Sus MOD APK

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Super Sus MOD APK is something that is talked about right now. This game presents interesting gameplay to play with friends both online and offline.

Experience the next level of the 3D game Among Us – Super Sus: Who is the impostor? The best free mobile game for socializing with local friends and people from all over the world offers you a unique experience: you are a space crew fighting to keep the spaceship from crashing, while impostors are only out to kill their teammates.

S3 Special Forces are now available, along with a brand new exclusive reward at the end of the season, a set of skins! Choose a role before the game, fill up your skills faster by completing tasks, and equip gimmicks to gain additional abilities. Turn the tide and make a change now!

Super Sus was originally intended to be the best online multiplayer role-playing game, combining Among Us, Werewolf and Squid Game. During the game, the team must not only beware of cheaters but also be neutral. These roles have unique victory conditions and tasks. On the border between light and darkness, everyone fights for themselves – some to kill, some to survive, some just to play.

Super Sus MOD APK Features

Stunning Graphics – The biggest highlight of this game is the graphics, which are even more updated compared to the previous games. You will be very satisfied with the awesome character details. So you will be addicted to playing this game without getting bored easily.

Player Limitations – This game is actually designed for multiple players. Although Super Sus is a multiplayer game, the developer limits the number of players to 10 people per game.

Clarity of Time – As we mentioned above, this game can be played in a short time. Although the actual duration of the match will vary according to each player’s experience, on average players can complete each match in just 7 minutes. Your analytical intelligence and dexterity are highly tested in this game. Be a player who can control time, not controlled by time.

Multiple Identity Options – Although this game is limited to 10 people per game, there are more than 20 identities that you can get. You are free to choose which identity you want to use. We recommend that you change your identity regularly when playing with the same player. Each identity has its own abilities, so you will need to master more than one identity. This is done so that you cannot be easily guessed by other players.

Various Mode Options – In addition to the main mode, you can enjoy various other modes in this game like multi-identity and ranked games. Each mode has its own purpose. If you are planning to become the best player in the world, then you can play the ranked mode. In this mode, every time you win a match, your rank keeps increasing.

Unlimited Money – The most coveted feature of Super Sus MOD APK players is unlimited money. This way we can buy different skins or desired characters.



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Super Sus MOD APK

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