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FF mod apk is a tool resulting from third-party modifications by embedding several premium features in it such as unlimited diamonds, auto headshots, unlimited coins, being able to see enemies hiding, no root, and many others.

The features embedded in the ff mod apk menu are certainly very beneficial for users, especially if you want free diamonds. In addition, users can use the auto headshot feature to make it easier to get booyah or victory.

The use of the free fire mod apk is actually not recommended, because the application is illegal and certainly strictly prohibited by the developer because it will make the game unfair and dishonest.

FF MOD APK Features

  1. Unlimited Diamonds
    The first feature in the ff mod apk is unlimited diamonds. This means that when you use this application, you automatically have an unlimited number of diamonds. You can use these diamonds to buy equipment for items in the Garena free fire game such as bundles, weapon skins, magic cubes, and others according to what you need right now.
  2. Unlimited Coins
    Second, the free fire mod apk has embedded the unlimited coin feature with an unlimited number (unlimited), so you no longer need to collect coins from match results or login prizes. Now, you can use this coin to buy the newest character in the Garena free fire game according to the wishes of each survivor.
  3. Unlock Weapons
    The use of various types of weapons in the Garena free fire game will certainly greatly affect the game. Each weapon in the Garena free fire game has its own use. Therefore, the ff mod apk has a feature that can unlock all types of weapons in this one game.
  4. Unlock All Characters
    The FF mod apk also has the latest feature, namely unlocking all characters, which means that all characters in the Garena free fire game will open automatically (by themselves), both the newest and the old characters.
  5. Auto AIM
    The difficulty when playing free fire games is nothing but directing the shot so that it can be right on target against the enemy. This does not apply if you use the ff mod apk application, because it has embedded the latest feature called auto-aim which can direct shots at enemies automatically.
  1. Auto Headshot
    The feature contained in the next ff mod apk is the auto headshot. This means that you can eliminate the enemy with just one shot from close or far away. This one feature really helps you to get a win (booyah).
  2. Break through the Wall
    One of the other quite interesting features that this free fire mod apk has is that it can penetrate walls, trees, and so on. Of course, this one feature will not be owned in the original version. So far, are you interested and want to use it?
  3. Auto Invulnerable
    The next feature found in the ff mod apk is immune life, which means that even if you are hit by a shot from an enemy smartphone, it will not decrease. That way it will be very easy to get a win (booyah) in this one game, even though you don’t have very good and qualified skills.
  4. Can See Enemies Hiding
    Not only that, but the ff mod apk application also has a feature that can see enemies even though they have been hiding behind walls, grass, rocks, or trees. So it will be very easy for you to shoot from close range or distance.
  5. No Root
    The use of this free fire mod apk is quite easy even if it is your first time using it. Because this ff mod apk does not require a root system first.


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