Gartic Phone APK, Drawing Game With Friends

Gartic Phone APK, Drawing Game With Friends

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Gartic Phone is a browser game with a unique concept suitable for all ages. If you want to try things to fill your free time with friends or relatives, this is a good suggestion for you to try. Gartic actually has various versions, and the main version is highly recommended.

A game called Gartic Phone developed by Onrizon, is an online game that will have you guessing between you and all your friends in the online space. But what exactly is this game and how to play it, how many modes are there?

About Gartic Phones

Gartic is actually an easy simple game, but it can get complicated depending on how your friends play the game with the mode you choose. This online browser game feels like a chain whisper game, where this game can be played by up to 30 people with several modes that you can choose from.

The number of rounds in this game will follow the number of players in the room, literally can be more fun if you play with a lot of people, you can play with your friends on Discord or other platforms to invite them.

Gartic Phone is online to have fun with your friends and family out loud, creating private rooms, but of course, we can expand that fun area, by entering the public space of Gartic Phone. But before playing it, you can see its features first.

Gartic Game Features

It’s fun to be able to play with friends and family in different and interactive ways, develop drawing skills and try to find solutions from the funny phrases they make, it will definitely be very fun.

If you want to give it a try, just go to the public room option before starting the private room, where you’ll find tons of friends to have fun with without knowing them, even with the chance to talk to them in real-time.

Create Nickname

When you want to get started, you will get the option to create a custom nickname in the game. You can create a space and share the link on Discord or Twitch to make new friends to play with. Also, you can choose stock avatars in the game.

Game Mode

When there is time to write, each player can write silly sentences to make the game fun. And when you get time to draw, you’ll get weird lines to draw. So basically, it’s a Drawing Game With Friends which is totally safe for all ages, for example, to build relationships with young friends.

The rooms in the game have the same operation as regular private rooms, each one writes a sentence and they will randomly distribute it to each image. In the end, the process that each has with their phrases is displayed so that everyone can see who made a mistake in it.

All of this will be accompanied by being able to interact with other players by talking and giving opinions about it during the game, and in the end, the reward of experience you have with new players will be generated.

With the same characteristics of the game, they will be placed in a public room, with the possibility of playing with different players in the same room. If you think that all this makes it a real choice to try out new games with your friends and family, don’t hesitate and find them now, I guarantee they will enjoy this fun experience to the fullest.

There are actually other versions of Gartic Games like and more out there, but the Gartic Phone is the popular one on Discord. Many people choose it to create a pleasant situation and can make strangers become new friends. Do you want to try it? Let’s hit the link on the download button.



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Gartic Phone APK, Drawing Game With Friends

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