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Ninja Heroes New Era MOD APK

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Ninja Heroes New Era MOD APK is a turn-based anime game that is very popular right now. In this application, you can collect various characters from the Naruto series. You can mix the best team to win every battle.

The mod version itself is a third-party application that provides various features that the original version does not have. Come check below.

Ninja Heroes New Era MOD APK Features

This existing feature was made by the developer so that those of you who play it will feel more satisfied with the game. Because with the advantages of this feature, you will be very easy to win the battle and the following features are excellent.

Unlimited Money
There are currencies in this game, namely silver and gold that can be used to buy items. And you can get these two currencies immediately and will not run out after buying items in the shop. Of course, this excellent feature helps you.

With this money that will not expire, you can use it on the characters so that the level is maximized. You can also buy all the items in the shop and the money will not expire after everything is bought.

All existing characters are unlocked
The second excellent feature of Ninja Heroes New Era Mod is that all locked characters are fully unlocked. So you can choose which character to use to fight the enemy so it’s easy to beat him.

Not only that, but the newly released update characters can be used directly with this feature. So you can use any character and upgrade it to the maximum level to increase its attack power.

All Jutsus Are Open
Of course, each character has its uniqueness, such as different Jutsu or skills. Not just one, but several powerful Jutsu contained in each character that is used to fight the enemy.

Each jutsu has its own animation when used. If the jutsu used does a lot of damage, the animation will be more interesting and unique. In addition, all jutsu have been unlocked for all characters.

Fresh Character Display
If many games adapt the Naruto anime, but it’s different from Ninja Heroes New Era Mod this time. Because in the latest mod version this time the appearance of the characters and the background looks fresher than in other games.

You can already see this in the appearance of the individual characters and in the depiction of the environment, which is designed in such a way. So it shows an elegant side and you feel like you’re right in the village of Konoha, where Naruto and his friends live.

No Ads Suddenly Appear
Maybe you’ve experienced things like popping up ads when you’re playing a game. This is sure to disturb your fun and make you very annoyed if the ads keep appearing.

But you won’t feel that in Ninja Heroes New Era Mod because incoming ad ads have been completely blocked. So that you are no longer bothered by the sudden appearance of ads regularly and can focus more on playing.

Background Music From the Anime Live
If you are a fan or a big fan of the Naruto Shippuden anime, surely you will recognize the already iconic song. Ninja Heroes New Era Mod also uses the same song as the original anime so you can animate the game more.

You will feel nostalgic for an ancient sensation when watching Naruto anime on TV alone or with friends. Or also when playing the game on PS2. Therefore you have to download this game and play it.

Can Gacha For Free
Now in this game, you can do gacha for free and there is no limit to the number. If in the original version you have to pay for gacha, then not with Ninja Heroes New Era Mod because it is free for Gacha any number of times.

From the gacha, you will get a skin for each character. Each skin also has a level depending on the price and quality of the appearance. If the price of the skin is expensive, then the appearance of the skin is also more beautiful.



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Ninja Heroes New Era MOD APK

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