TunnelBear VPN

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Download Tunnelbear Vpn For Android
Download Tunnelbear Vpn For Android

TunnelBear VPN is one of the fastest VPNs on Android. This application can be the equivalent of Psiphon Pro. Basically, the user installs the app for playing mobile games.

Download “TunnelBear VPN” TunnelBear%20Virtual%20Private%20Network%20Security_v3.3.12_dafunda.com.apk – Downloaded 10 times – 18 MB

Download TunnelBear VPN for Android

This VPN provides so many servers around the world, such as India, Germany, England, Singapore, and so on. Of course, the main function of this app is to unblock the website and secure your connection.


  • Opens favorite blocked websites from anywhere in the world
  • Keep your location private from websites and online trackers
  • Visualizing Bears “tunneling” data from one country to another
  • Be safe using public Wi-Fi
  • Friendly customer support
  • A very simple VPN app for Android phones or tablets

You can use the VPN without paid or free. However, this app has a limited amount of data, 500 MB / Month.

How to Use

  1. First, download the app file.
  2. Then, install the TunnelBear VPN by open the file.
  3. After installing done, you can open the VPN.
  4. In the app, there will be maps and you can choose the server.
  5. Swipe the toggle at the top to connect.

So, that is the TunnelBear VPN and how to use it. If you want to get it, you can download it in Wowkia Download.

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