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Download Worm Is for Android

Worm.is is a game that is quite famous at the moment. This game is the same as other games, it’s just that it has additional elements from the RPG game. Your worm can use additional equipment that can increase the speed of movement. In fact, this one game has a level system and you can make a clan or guild with your friends.

Download “Worm.is” details – Downloaded 64 times – 565 KB

Download Worm.is

Worm.is allows you to:

  • Three Game Modes: Free for all, Random Team, Hunger Games, Others coming soon
  • Private rooms to play with friends
  • Eat food to gain length
  • Cut other worms’ way to kill them and finally eat them
  • Stay away from viruses: they slow you down and absorb your mass
  • Expel mass to give it to other worms
  • Have a lot of fun!
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